Tukuan guarantee

At Tukuan we want our customers to keep their versatile wrap overskirts for as long as possible, which is part of our vision of eco-responsiblility. Our product is designed to withstand a lot of handling. However, in the unlikely event that there is a problem, we have implemented a three year warranty on our snaps.

We want every customer to be able to enjoy their TUKUAN skirt season after season.

We offer you three ways to operate this guarantee:


1- You can return the skirt directly to our office at the following address ( the shipping cost will be refunded after reception of the package  with a proof of payment from Canada Post that you can send via our email to tukuanwinterskirt@gmail.com )



Service Center * Return and Repair

350 Louvain West, suite 203J

Montreal, H2N 2E8


We will proceed with the repair and return the skirt to you as soon as possible.


2- You can proceed with the repair of the buttons at a qualified professional and send us the invoice for a refund of the repair which will be done via the payment method used at the time of your purchase.


3- You can deposit the skirt with one of our stockists. We will notify you when the skirt is ready for you to pick up.


For each of these 3 options, you will have to fill out a coupon to let us know about the problem so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

TUKUAN repair form

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